Increasingly, Housing Associations, Neighbourhood projects and Agencies based in local communities are aware of the social and political issues facing individuals and families who are workless. Social Services cutbacks and benefit caps have exacerbated these issues, and the social and financial impacts can be severe ans show no sign of decreasing. Many people now simply lack the aspiration to improve their lives and face a crippling loss of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Overcoming personal barriers to work is a vital part of our life coaching philosophy and working with people to identify and address these obstacles that stopping them from being able to move on with their lives. Life coaching helps people face their fears in a confidential and non-judgmental environment.

Mark studied in Life Coaching and formed RLCI in Cheltenham recognising a need to help people living in the area where he lived, where personal issues were having a negative effect not just on the individuals, but also on the whole community.

The courses (Who Am I and Positive Change for Life) have been piloted with The Guinness Partnership throughout Gloucestershire and the South West over a number of years. Guinness recognised Life Coaching also offered tangible benefits to the families of the clients and the wider community, by helping to reduce anti-social behaviour, producing positive role models, and breaking the cycle of worklessness.

“Helping people back into work, to retrain for a new career or start work for the very first time has some major positive effects. It can help people’s feeling of self-worth and can have some important benefits to the company. If we can support residents to find work, or training or volunteering places then it will make managing estates and income easier.”

RLCI courses contain learning principles that work on many different levels of society and corporate life, but our main thrust as a company is to reach those who need them most, many of whom are in social housing. The service has also been tailored to sports clubs and other groups within the community to improve individual performance, confidence and self-esteem. Staff involved in training people who want to gain skills for employment can also benefit from life coaching.

For potential partners, there is of course a cost to running these programmes. This cost is realistic and reasonable, and demonstrate a significant return on investment for the partner. We will be pleased to discuss details with any organisation who is interested in running a programme.

For further information on partnerships or to discuss setting up pilot programmes, please contact us on