In times like these when events move fast, and the only constant is constant change, stress and pressure in the workplace are  more common than ever. These factors, unless they are managed well, can damage staff wellbeing and turnover, and affect company productivity. These issues will inevitably affect customer-facing staff, often those under the most pressure, and the company’s image will suffer as a result.

Basic principles covered by Real Life Coaching address such issues in a corporate environment and teach the value of learning your own strengths and weaknesses and  appreciate others’ too, whether customers or co-workers.

Insecure leadership, poor communication, need for constant validation, management by fear, are all negative influences on staff and management behaviour.Our courses  offer  cost effective and positive training to assist staff to have a fuller understanding of their working environment that will enable them to work effectively themselves and as part of a team.

And also how a motivated and encouraged salesforce can deliver what every customer craves – exemplary service.

If you are a Company/organisation working with either H/A residents, unemployed etc you can now apply for a Company license. We offer sustainable self empowering staff training programmes which enables you to use our methods and tools to work with your client base.

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