Stress and pressure in the workplace are more common than ever. If not managed well, these factors can damage the well-being of staff, especially customer-facing ones who are often under the most pressure, leading to increased turnover of staff and damage to the company’s image and productivity.

Our sustainable, self-empowering staff training programs address such issues and teach the value of learning your own strengths and weaknesses and how to appreciate those of customers and co-workers.

Insecure leadership, poor communication, need for constant validation and management by fear are all negative influences on staff and management behaviour. We offer cost-effective, positive, strength-based training to give staff a fuller understanding of their working environment and enable them to work effectively by themselves and as part of a team.


Real Life Coaching helps to:

  • Promote self-esteem and build confidence to all members of staff
  • Teach practical tips to build self-esteem in self and others
  • Improve communication. This is a common issue when different personality types work together. Coaching helps people to understand their own personality traits as well as others, helping individuals communicate in a constructive, effective manner, valuing each and every member of the team.
  • Empower people to work to, value and act upon their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses.
  • Reduce sick days from stress/ depression/ anxiety by assisting staff to recognise warning signs and learn prevention tips
  • Assist people to return to work sooner from long sickness due to stress/ depression/ anxiety.

Motivated and encouraged staff deliver exemplary service to customers.

If you are a company or organisation working with housing association residents, the unemployed or other disadvantaged groups, we can help you build a better working environment by helping your staff to understand each other’s personality types to build positive, effective teams which work with each person’s strengths whilst boosting their self-esteem.

You can also apply for a Company Licence to enable you to use our methods and tools to work with your client base.

‘Who Am I’ For Community / Volunteer Groups

We can create tailormade courses suited to your budgets and requirements.


Create a win-win for volunteers. Sometimes we can give too much and need to create a win-win to be able to grow our own confidence and self esteem whilst giving to others. This workshop is ideal for you to see the true value in the things you take for granted. People who love to give of themselves must also learn how to receive.




1-8 people

2-5 hours

£400 (+VAT)


An additional cost will be incurred if RLCI needs to provide the venue.

Contact us to find out about our bespoke training modules by emailing