Real Life Coaching helps to:

  • Promote self-esteem and build confidence to all members of staff.
  • Quickly Learn practical tips to build self-esteem in self and others.
  • Improve communication as it is a common issue when different personality types work together. Coaching helps people to understand their own personality traits as well as others, which in turn helps individuals communicate in a constructive, effective manner, valuing each and every member of the team.
  • Work to strengths as it can become a habit to look at weaknesses and try to correct them rather than highlight strengths, value them and act upon them. Coaching is a strength based approach to empower people to do just that.
  • Coaching could reduce sick days from stress/ depression/ anxiety by assisting staff to recognise warning signs and learn prevention tips.
  • Coaching can also assist people to return to work sooner from long sickness due to stress/ depression/ anxiety (Separate 1-2-1 coaching programme).