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Our lead partner, PLUSS, began to deliver the £4 million programme in early 2017. For the next three years, the core partners are PLUSS, Abilities, Inspired to Achieve, Cosmic and Community Council for Somerset. Funded by the National Lottery and the European Social Fund.

Real Life Coaching International is proud to be a specialist service provider for the programme, called ‘Positive People’, where we are a part of helping over 1,000 individuals across the South West. We help individuals who are out-of-work to build their skills, confidence and motivation. This will include people with disabilities, mental health issues, ex-offenders, homeless people and people over 50.

The programme aims to benefit local communities by reducing poverty and anti-social behaviour. It will also contribute to the growth of the local economy with employers having access to a pool of people with the relevant skills to meet their needs.

Positive People is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and European Social Fund.

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“We believe all are born with the potential to be creative, productive, happy and healthy. Our mission is to help millions build better lives by supporting thousands of Real Life Coaches using our unique “heart-based” approach.”
— Mark Griffiths, CEO of Real Life Coaching International

Work and Health Programme

PLUSS has been awarded the contract with the Department or Work and Pensions (DWP) and we are delighted to be a part of their integration framework. We are a specialist service provider for the programme with our unique ‘Who am I’ workshop. We will deliver workshops to multiple small groups working in conjunction with all of the main partners for the work and health programme.

PLUSS expect that up to 85% of participants on the programme will have a health condition or disability. PLUSS have, therefore, developed a locally integrated supply chain of specialist providers who will deliver innovative services to job seekers across the entire Southern region. The programme supports individuals who have been registered unemployed and out of work for two years or more. In addition, the programme also supports individuals who face significant disadvantages including carers, homeless, ex-offenders, ex-forces, care leavers, refugees and people with a history of substance misuse.

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