RLCI is committed to:

  • Providing an excellent, proven service to make the best use of resources and finances to meet employment and personal development needs, creating links between jobs, skills, welfare, health and housing.
  • Improving wellbeing and the quality of life for individuals and their community. Long-term unemployment is detrimental to the economy, communities and the mental welfare of individuals. We understand the challenging issues faced by communities in deprived areas – including anxiety, stress, depression, anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse, and family and relationship problems – and equip our clients with the tools to recognise and arrest these negative behaviours.
  • Empowering our clients by building their confidence and self-esteem. We treat and value them as individuals by listening to them, involving them in tailor-made back-to-work programmes, promoting equality and supporting diversity. We understand our clients, their backgrounds and issues and assist them with personal growth so they learn how to overcome adversity, self-limiting beliefs, discrimination and social exclusion.