Who am I Community/volunteer Groups

Create a win-win for volunteers. Sometimes we can give too much and need to create a win-win to be able to grow our own confidence and self esteem, as well as give to others. This workshop is ideal for you to see the true value in the things you take for granted on a daily basis. It is vital that the many people who love to give of themselves also learn how to receive.

Who am I at home

This is based on a party plan basis where a group of friend/associates can spread the cost between them and organise a Who Am I workshop in the comfort of their home, This can be quite an intimate small bonding workshop promoting social interaction, while helping individuals to see how others see them. The course enables the individual to learn how to make positive, constructive decisions and how to create self-worth. The host of the workshop benefits by receiving a free session for hosting and individuals are given the opportunity to host a workshop themselves or to even become a Licensee.