Real Life Solutions for Real Life Problems

Established in 2018 by Mark Griffiths, Real Life Coaching International (RLCI) has 3 aims:

  1. To be the bridge between education, employment, housing and welfare
  2. To build strong community partnerships and improve wellbeing and quality of life for individuals
  3. To power the growth and expansion of real life solutions throughout the world through the creation of a team of qualified, motivated and effective coaches.

The company has developed strategic links with multiple organisations including housing associations, councils, schools, small businesses and sports clubs. Working with complementary agencies, the company acts as a signpost to other support providers in the interest of their Clients.

RLCI demonstrates a sustainable business model to facilitate its expansion into other regions in the UK, enabling these highly effective and unique courses to be offered across the country. We aim to establish similar programmes overseas and have been approached by countries including Canada and Australia, who are looking for solutions to the same issues faced in the most marginalised communities in the UK.

As part of our plans for growth we are looking to recruit Real Life Coaches to train and deploy where they are needed, and we therefore run a rolling training programme to equip and accredit our own Coaches. Some will be drawn from Clients who we have helped in the past and who now want to learn how to help others.

Mark Griffiths has developed the content of the company’s programs through years of consistent testing and improvements using his practical experience as a life coach, helping hundreds of real life people, with their real life problems and challenges.