Mark Griffiths has built this vital step into his own unique approach to teaching life coaching skills. The content of the Positive Change for Life course (PCFL) and the Who am I (WAI) workshop has been developed, tested and constantly improved over the past few years by Mark, through practical experience in his role as a life coach, helping hundreds of real life people, with their real life problems and challenges.

One challenge remained for Mark and that was to arrive at a solution to create a sustainable business model that would support the work and enable it to expand into other regions in the UK.

Once he had developed and tested the business model, Mark set up Real Life Coaching International Ltd. RLCI bridges the gaps between education, employment, housing and welfare, and assists in building strong community partnerships. Working with complementary agencies the company will act as a signpost to other support providers in the interest of their Clients. Real Life Coaching International is the vehicle that will enable these highly effective and unique courses to be offered across the country. Mark wants to assemble a team at RLCI to enable this growth to happen.

What Mark has developed is a proven method of empowering people to take control of their lives and increase their self-condence. The stories are truly inspiring. I believe RLCI will be transformational in many thousands of lives across the country; and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!

— Charles Dodwell Former CEO Fredericks Foundation.

As part of its plans for growth the company is looking to recruit Real Life Coaches to train and deploy where it is working. RLCI is running a rolling training programme beginning in the autumn to equip and accredit its own Coaches. Some will be drawn from Clients who have received assistance in the past from RLCI and now want to learn how to help others.

RLCI has received approaches from, among other countries, Canada and Australia who are looking for solutions to the same issues faced in the most marginalised communities in the UK; and ultimately the company will be looking to assist in establishing similar programmes overseas.