“Well where do I start. I was at a stage in my life where I needed a little guidance and some reassurance. So I contacted Mark, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. I started with some one to one sessions and straight away Mark put me at ease and was very attentive and listened to everything I had to say! I attended the training course where I met some great inspiring people. The course was fantastic, a great atmosphere and the participation from everyone was amazing, we all felt very comfortable and you could almost see people’s confidence growing In front of you. With no right or wrong answer to any discussion and everyone’s input and view was well respected. I came away from the course feeling inspired and so positive, Mark truly is a Fantastic guy and I would highly recommend this course to anyone. No matter what problem/s, insecurities or troubles you may have. Mark is definitely worth contacting.”

— Grant Polson, Cheltenham

“A lot of people used the phrase “life changing” after having sessions with Mark. He also gave me some excellent hints and techniques to use in my job as I tutor people who have been unemployed for a long time which I still use. Mark is always encouraging, enthusiastic and understanding and has inspired me to sign up for a life coaching course as I can see how he has helped so many people to realise their potential.”

— Jane Weeks, Learn Direct

“I Attended the who am I workshop, what an amazing insight in to my self ! Left there feeling amazing insightful excited I also found the training day very thought provoking wanted to tell and inspire everyone I new could see how this course could bring out the best in people working on there strengths not there weaknesses, Mark is a great guy with a warm glow , mark has helped me change my life in many ways he inspires me to be the best I can . I think everyone should try this course you’re all be amazed about what you learn about your self ! So what you waiting for !! Xx”

— Lisa Plews, Gloucestershire

“Mark is an inspiring coach who has been consistently dedicated to supporting his clients effectively. This is led him on a personal journey of development where he has created a 6 week course that has had phenonenal results for clients, including those with complex needs. There are thousands of coaches who profess to be able to support people through change. There are few that are so genuinely interested in working with a diverse range of clients, and even fewer that have developed a system that supports others so effectively.”

— Charlie Mitchell, FRSA

“A great training day! The course and content was insightful, and Mark’s easy manner and facilitation style generated a nurtured learning environment.”

— George Verghis

“Mark you are one of the most visionary business owners I have met in my time as a coach and mentor and I am certainly very impressed by the success of your methods.”

— Jeremy Marchant, Emotional intelligence

“Mark has an incredible and intuitive understanding of people. His passion for helping people shines through and he is so gifted in hitting the nail right on the head! As a coach he is passionate, driven and will do what it takes to find solutions for people. As a business owner he has a big picture for driving his business forward to get maximum exposure for the greater good of those he serves.”

— Jill Chitty, Business Owner

“Mark is someone who has overcome his own troubles in life, and now uses his life experience (which is backed up by professional qualifications), to help others. He is not easily phased and comfortable in any environment. Approachable and knowledgeable, Mark is the ‘go to guy’ for myself, and many others, when life gets on top of us. The word ‘inspirational’ is often over-used, in Mark’s case it is a true description.”

— Robin Cook, Business Owner