Become a coach using our tried and tested methods/approach and be supported by our network.

Do people naturally come to you for support or advice?

Do you want to feel valued?

Do you want to create positive change for people?

If so, attend a workshop to find out more about Real Life Coaching International. You then have the opportunity to sign up as a licensee to become a workshop facilitator and possibly progress on to become a Positive Change For Life Coach.

How We Can Support You

  • Low cost business start up
  • Enter the coaching world with tried and tested methods
  • Build your confidence, self-esteem and knowledge with support
  • Full-time or part-time hours to suit
  • Access to online materials.

Maybe becoming a Life Coach could be for you? We can give you substantial training and on-going support to become a Real Life Coaching Licensee. Using our successful methods with your clients, not only will you be benefiting the lives of others, this could provide a path towards a fulfilling and financially rewarding future.

Mark founded Real Life Coaching International in order to give others the same opportunities and future prospects that took him years of self-exploration and determination to discover. By helping his clients / individuals to engage in personal growth, and develop increased confidence and empowerment, they are able to overcome adversity, discrimination, social exclusion and self-limiting beliefs.

Leading by example, Mark is a positive and inspiring role model. He bridges the gaps between education, employment, housing and welfare, building strong community partnerships.

Mark has developed strategic links with multiple organisations which include Housing Associations, Councils, Schools, Small businesses, Sports Clubs etc.

Mark has a proven track record in helping others to facilitate change. He uses a range of innovative and effective support tools to deliver bespoke programmes and has been nominated for several awards in recognition of his achievements.

Due to the growth of Mark’s work, he wanted to help more people. Over the past few years Mark has looked at the issues that self employed coaches face, and realised that some had great coaching skills, but not much business knowledge or support. Confidence and self-esteem was also an issue with a great deal of new coaches. Not having tried and tested methods or know how to get started after training or to turn their new knowledge/skills into money

Industry statistics show that 95% of self-employed coaches are no longer working as a coach after 2 years of starting out, usually due to a lack of key resources including business knowledge, support, confidence and self-esteem.

The new RLCI licensee training ticks all the boxes for new or existing coaches who passionately desire to help other people improve their lives. It provides tried and tested personal development training and key business knowledge on how to get your business up and running, attract clients and turn your knowledge and skills into an income.

The process to become a Real Life Coach is competitively priced and is a simple, step-by-step program which allows you to spread the cost and to earn as your learn and grow into the role.

We give you ongoing support once you are licensed. You will not be left alone to fend for yourself!

And with 3 levels of Coach, you may progress as far as you wish with us.

Step 1: Talk to Us

We will explain how we work and how being a life coach can change lives.

Step 2: Attend a Who Am I (WAI) Training Day

This will be a significant day in your own personal development and may, if you wish, lead to a part- or full-time career in Life Coaching.

Benefits For You:

  • Your own personal development for better performance in all areas of your life
  • An understanding of who you really are
  • Time with like-minded people
  • Help to evolve a natural way forward that suits your individual personality
  • Evaluate whether you would enjoy life coaching as a career and take a step forwards to becoming a professional life coach and making a positive difference to the world
  • Coaching workshop certificate
  • Learn about the opportunities for:
    • Further training
    • Business opportunity (full- or part-time) in our family of Real Life Coaches

Participants: Up to 8 people

Cost:                   £395 + VAT to include all training materials, refreshments and lunch.

Duration:          1 day

There is no commitment to sign up for anything after the WAI Training Day but if you would like to take things further, you have a choice of 2 routes:

  • Become a client to further your own development
  • Become a licensee with Real Life Coaching International (full- or part-time). You may now move to Step 3.

Step 3: Become a licensee

Once you have attended a WAI Training day, you may wish to join our team and start to earn money as a facilitator.

Congratulations! We are really pleased to have you on board.

As a licensed Real Life Coach, you will receive:

  • Substantial business support
  • A tried and tested business opportunity
  • Potential client opportunities provided by RLCI
  • A continuing education programme developed by Mark and his team
  • Ongoing personal development
  • Membership of an international coaching support network
  • The opportunity to make a positive difference to individuals and communities
  • Progression routes to become a PCFL coach (further training required).

Review the Licence details here.

Step 4: Become a fully licensed PCFL Coach.

You may now take the PCFL training to become a full, self-employed RLCI coach. Once you have passed this training, there should be opportunities for suitable coaches to deliver sessions for clients. This is an integral part of our growth plan as we bring on new Partners to work with; we will endeavour to provide plenty of opportunities for you to coach people who need our help to realise their potential.

Benefits For You:

  • Personal development for better performance in your own life and career
  • Effective, proven resources, knowledge and materials to keep
  • A step towards a coaching career
  • Support into a tried and tested self-employed business opportunity
  • Removes the obstacles that independent or solo coaches often face
  • Work as part of a team, instead of in isolation
  • Bank of knowledge and resources
  • Marketing support
  • Potential opportunities for contracts / clients
  • Earn and grow in confidence as you get started
  • Established pricing model
  • Sustainable business model

Participants: Up to 8 per intake

Cost:                   £900 + VAT to include all training materials including a substantial training manual, 3 training days including refreshments and lunch and ongoing 1:1 support.

Duration:          3 months

Step 5: Become a Trainer of Trainers

These opportunities are available exclusively for RLCI coaches with proven experience and ability.

Contact us to take the first step or discuss payment methods at

“What Mark has developed is a proven method of empowering people to take control of their lives and increase their self-confi­dence. The stories are truly inspiring. I believe RLCI will be transformational in many thousands of lives across the country; and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Charles Dodwell Former CEO Fredericks Foundation.