There is a step by step process to becoming a Real Life Coach.

Step 1

Talk to us! We will give you a briefing on how we work, and how being a Life Coach can change people’s lives.

Step 2

Attend a Who am I Training Day.

This will be a significant day in your own personal development and for some, this is enough in itself. For others, this will be a stepping stone to a part- or full-time career in Life Coaching.

After your training day

If teaching the WAI is not for you , you may wish to become a client to further your development. If not we hope you have enjoyed the course and have benefitted from the training day. Please keep our contact details as you may wish to move forward with us at a later date.

If the WAI Coach training is for you take the next step progress to Step 3.

Step 3

Congratulations on taking the next step. We are really pleased to have you onboard.

Let’s get started and get you signed up as a Licensee to become a WAI facilitator.

Step 4

If you wish to continue to become a full coach please look at PCFL training.