Mark’s Story

Mark Griffiths, CEO

Mark founded Real Life Coaching International in order to give others the same opportunities and future prospects that took him years of self-exploration and determination to discover. By helping his clients/ individuals to engage in personal growth, and develop increased confidence and empowerment, they are able to overcome adversity, discrimination, social exclusion and self-limiting beliefs.

Leading by example, Mark is a positive and inspiring role model. He bridges the gaps between education, employment, housing and welfare, building strong community partnerships.

Mark has developed strategic links with multiple organisations which include Housing Associations, Councils, Schools, Small businesses, Sports Clubs etc.

Mark has a proven track record in helping others to facilitate change. He uses a range of innovative and effective support tools to deliver bespoke programmes and has been nominated for several awards in recognition of his achievements.

Due to the growth of Mark’s work, he wanted to help more people. Over the past few years Mark has looked at the issues that self employed coaches face, and realised that some had great coaching skills, but not much business knowledge or support. Confidence and self-esteem was also an issue with a great deal of new coaches. Not having tried and tested methods or know how to get started after training or to turn their new knowledge/skills into money.

The new licensee training ticks all the boxes for new or existing coaches.

In 2017 Mark won a ‘Grow It’ Award with UNLTD. This fantastic Fund and specialist support has enabled Real Life Coaching International to help hundreds of people to benefit from the services.

Mark said he would highly recommend that any social entrepreneur/community interest people, who are interested in starting/growing a project to help others, should contact UNLTD to see how they can benefit from their support.