In these tough modern times, countless stress-inducing factors can give self-confidence a severe knocking. Without that confidence to underpin our actions and to spur us to overcome hurdles, the impact of life’s hard knocks can be devastating. We can all too easily lose our sense of self, our sense of direction in life and the ability to navigate, what to some people, are the simplest of life-paths.

Many individuals, through circumstance or poor choices have no confidence that their lives can improve. The Real Life courses are specifically designed to enable people to believe that ‘better’ is achievable. It empowers people to take control of their lives by furnishing them with essential life skills to help them help themselves.

We use proven coaching methods to facilitate lasting, positive change. The courses provides support and guidance in all areas of life, and is particularly targeted at tackling challenging issues – including poor confidence and low self esteem, worklessness, education, phobias, anxieties, anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse and family/relationship problems – recognising and arresting negative behaviours and identifying and achieving goals.

You will learn the basics about yourself via identification of personality types, learn how to view yourself in a more positive light, discover your natural skills, learn about both positive and negative thought patterns, how to deal with relationships with others and uncover the career path most suited to you.

Our expert facilitators increase individuals self-confidence using the unique self esteem bank, to the extent that they are able to use these methods instantly to make better decisions. This in turn improves the individuals outlooks and chances, for example during interviews etc.

1-2-1 Who am I

This can be more intense than a group session but you are fully supported all the way through the workshop by our fully trained facilitator. You may have greater benefits from this 1-2-1 experience as you cover more personal content and gain direction in a short space of time with a really thought provoking workshop. This can be delivered in the comfort of your own home.


This can be the most intense of the workshops as you work through personal feelings and emotions.

Positive Change for Life is a six-week course of one-hour, one-to-one sessions with a trained PCFL coach at the your  home (although an alternative venue can be provided).

An initial questionnaire is completed with you  in order to identify your needs and ascertain whether a different approach such as counselling is required.

We work with you  at your  own pace to identify problems, work out solutions, help you discover what you want from life and set achievable targets to reach your  goals. Coaching methods and techniques are pitched to suit each individuals needs.

Support is provided seven days a week during the 6 week programme – you can access advice and support via email, mobile phone or text from 7.30am until 10.00pm.

Each hour is used to its full potential – not a moment is wasted. Background research on your specific requirements/issues is undertaken before each session, and the previous week’s discussion is recapped at the start of each session.