Benefits to Commissioning Body:

Real Life programmes teach personal financial responsibility. Recipients in receipt of Universal Credit are far more likely to pay their rent, and other outgoings on time and in full.

Reduced worklessness and improved education levels.

Positive, healthier, happier communities.

Decrease in drug/alcohol abuse, domestic violence and anti-social behavior.

Creation of a ‘can do’ culture within the community.

Benefits to Clients:

Inspired to believe ‘better’ is achievable, leading to identifying, setting and achieving goals.

Improved self-confidence/ self-esteem, personal development and acquisition of invaluable life skills and coping strategies.

Overcoming the (often long-term) issues such as drug/alcohol abuse, family and relationship problems, phobias, anxieties and antisocial behaviors that are holding them back.

Improved education levels.

Greater employability options.

Becoming positive role models for peers, and future generations.

Results Speak for themselves.

Analysing a cross-section of some 250 of our Clients, we achieved these outcomes:

38% were in paid employment (some via further education).

6% were self employed.

12% engaged in volunteer work

15% went back to education.

20% sought additional specialist support.

9% saw an end to, or greatly reduced levels of anti social behavior.