1-2-1  First session £100 EX vat per hour . Future Coaching sessions  £60 EX vat  per hour.

1-2-1  Who am I   £100 EX vat

Who am I At home party. Please talk to us to arrange plan suited to you requirements.

Who am I  Group session (up to 8 people)  £400 EX vat

(Office needs to be provided by organisation.Additional cost will be incurred if Real Life needs to provide facilities.)

PCFL £600 EX vat for the 6 week course which includes out of hours support.

Talk to us to see how we can assist you to find a package to suit your individual needs.

Organisations Please talk to us  for further information  to see how we can  work with you to make  bespoke courses  suited to your budgets and requirements.